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eesheeeeshee's innovative patented technology driven by sophisticated algorithms, objectively selects a combination of ingredients to distinctly address your skins needs. The process is based on an evaluation which takes only minutes, it is simple and non-invasive.

eeshee's certified skin consultants share information with you about the ingredients and the programs. Our certified technicians are on site in our high technology laboratory creating your products fresh while you watch. Our formulations are charged with rare organic oils, rich essential oils and all natural ingredients. Safe, healthy and non-toxic. Without the use of parabens, detergents, or artificial fragrance.

eeshee’s proprietary system creates on-demand consumer retail products adapted to an individual’s needs, preferences or requirements on-site (retail stores) in real-time. By putting individually measured parameters through a software algorithm that creates an assessment and a uniquely adapted formulation based on the best ingredients for those parameters.

The system then commands eeshee’s RMU (Retail Manufacturing Unit) to prepare the product on site within minutes by using previously encapsulated ingredients.


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