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Growing Smart is agriculture business development firm. Operating around the globe, including Central America, North America, Southern and Central Europe, and the Far East, the Growing Smart team has over 20 years of field experience in agricultural projects, spanning from greenhouse to open field projects, including field crops, orchards, herbals, and more.

Growing Smart works with clients to create, plan, build, and expand agricultural projects worldwide using advanced technological solutions and know-how. We enable clients to make cost-effective, unbiased, best-practice business decisions that increase output, decrease input and utilize resources efficiently and sustainability.

Growing Smart is an excellent choice for investors who need a broad introduction to the agricultural arena, as we provide pre-project evaluation tools and post-project know-how capabilities. The company mission is to secure the profitability and sustainability of our clients' investment by specifying the most feasible solution, based on the particular environment and field conditions and executed it in the most economic and efficient way.

Growing Smart provides implementation services throughout an entire project's life-cycle. Growing Smart help its clients develop their agribusiness project, and work with them to build, grow, upgrade, and finally take it to market.

Growing Smart conducts financial modeling tailored to agricultural projects. The company provide integrative models that account for the specific sensitivities, risks, opportunities, and the entire range of unique attributes that are specific to the field of agriculture.

Growing Smart offers field training and seminars, as the company understand that the success of any operation relies on the capabilities of the team members carrying out the project. Drawing on company global network of experts, Growing Smart has the ability to arrange short courses, seminars, and in-house training.

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