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Sol Chip

sol-chip-logoSol Chip Ltd., established in 2009, has has developed a breakthrough technology addressing the needs of remote or mobile devices that operate autonomously, prolonging battery life, reducing environmental hazard, and improving battery-charging technology.

Sol Chip’s Solar Battery™ harvests light energy to power billions of individual appliances.

Sol Chip’s technology utilizes the same wafer area and manufacturing flow for the customers’ VLSI and PV parts, thus increasing efficiency and decreasing design complexity, while reducing cost. Through its innovative IP, Sol Chip’s breakthrough technology integrates the components required to harvest and supply solar/light energy to low-power applications - all in single battery unit.

Sol Chip’s innovative power harvesting solution provides:

  • Autonomous operation of low power devices
  • Extended battery life
  • Reduced environmental hazard
  • Reduced system cost
  • Reduced silicon real estate by nearly 50%
  • Increase PV efficiency and reliability

Sol Chip develops and sells stand-alone Clean Tech solar micro-power devices used for powering existing and new appliances. Sol Chip will partner with semiconductor foundries for production of the integrated SolChip™ powered chips, and will partner with OEM/ODM companies for integration of Sol-Chip’s solar products in their systems. Sol Chip’s first product will be commercialized to potential OEMs that had already been approached and signed on a Letter Of Intent (SCR, Netafim, Virtual Extension and others) and will collaborate in the integration into their existing products.

Sol Chip’s technology utilizes low-cost manufacturing flow, thereby increasing efficiency and decreasing design complexity, while reducing cost.

Sol Chip’s total applicable market size is estimated at $10 billion in 2020, with many segments growing more than 10% per year. Initial segments which Sol Chip intends to penetrate with its first generation product are wireless sensors and wireless sensors networks (WSN), smart houses and cities, active RFID, smart cards and GPS locators – segments with a combined value of over $1.2 billion in 2015.

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