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S&P raises Israel's credit rating to A+

SP-logoThe Standard and Poor's agency raised Israel's credit rating from A- to A+.In its announcement, S&P said the raise in Israel's credit rating came following what it called Israel's responsible reaction to the global economic crisis, adding that the country was on a reliable track toward cutting its national debt and improving its foreign loans status.


Hyundai E&C win $1.5 billion power plant in Vietnam

Hyunday-EC-logoHyundai Engineering and Construction (E&C) has sealed a $1.46 billion deal to build a thermoelectric power plant in Vietnam, the biggest order won this year by the country’s foremost contractor.

Hanwha Group to invest in solar power and biosimilar business

hanwhaHanwha Group, one of the South Korean's top conglomerates will direct much of its investment budget for the period into polysilicon production facilities, expanding solar cell and module production lines, biosimilars and other new business areas.


South Korea's GNI forecast to jump to $30,000 by 2014

South Korea's gross national income (GNI) is forecast to grow to $30,000 per capita by 2014. South Korea's GNI, reflecting the actual purchasing power of the population, rose 5.5 percent on-year in 2010, the fastest growth in eight years, to reach $20,759 per capita.

Kimberley Clark to open global innovation center in Korea

kimberly-clarkKimberly Clark Corporation, a global manufacturer of diapers and other health care products, will establish its first overseas global innovation center in South Korea.

Israel ranks the 14th most innovative country in the world in 2011

ainseadlogoINSEAD published the 2011 Global Innovation index which shown that the state of Israel ranks the 14th most innovative country in the world. Last year Israel was 9 places before. It ranked even higher in a variety of sub-categories: 4th in “scientific output” and 2nd in “knowledge creation”.

South Korea opens up for UK Law firms

Law firms from the UK are seeking new opportunities in Korea as the KOREA-EU Free Trade Agreement is scheduled to go into effect on July 1. As many Korean companies look to expand into the international market, UK law firms are expected to play a bigger role in various legal fields especially in mergers and acquisitions.

South Korea to boost green energy market

The South Korean government and businesses aim to bolster their share in the world’s renewable energy market to 18 percent by 2030, and create 1.5 million jobs to cut reliance on fossil fuels.

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