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Business Services in Korea and Israel

KOISRA’s business services are designated to help Korean and Israeli companies to develop mutual business relationships by providing one stop business solution services in order to meet customer’s various needs as efficiently as possible.

With vast knowledge, experience, resources and global networking in Korea, Israel and around the world, KOISRA able to provide top level services in high standards.

All services are tailored to guarantee the customers’ interests will always come first. Not only will this protect the customer, but will also maintain KOISRA’s reputation and credibility.

Israel-Korea-flags-r-wBusiness Development

  • Locating partners, manufacturers, importers and investors
  • New Technology Identification and Transferring
  • Business Management and Technology Consulting
  • Coordinating meetings with local partners
  • Startups acceleration and Mentorship
  • Research business opportunities
  • Management and business guidance in meetings and negotiations
  • Office services in the local market
  • Advice and Guidance on business matters
  • Maintaining and growing relationships
  • Negotiation & Problem solving services
  • Participation in conventions and exhibitions
  • Representation of companies in the local market
  • Legal support and consulting
  • Website development and online publication in the local market

Research and Translation

  • Market Research – feasibility study, company survey and marketability.
  • Document translation, audit and revision for Korean-Hebrew-English

Sales Trip and Relocation

  • Organization of business and private trips to Korea and Israel.
  • Relocation services.

You may need other kinds of services, due to the flexibility of businesses.
Please feel free to contact us regarding any business inquiries for Korea or Israel.   This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it